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March 21, 16:00 (UTC+0)

What's new in Jmix 1.5

In this webinar, we'll discuss new features and improvements introduced in the latest Jmix version and talk about plans for the next releases.

Jmix Product Manager
Konstantin Krivopustov

Jmix is an open source platform for building enterprise business applications in Java. Jmix helps with things that really matter - how fast you can develop, test, and deploy. With Jmix you can deliver applications users want quicker, increase speed to value, and decrease software license spending.

Jmix 1.5 key updates:
Studio UI/UX improvements
New Flow UI components and APIs
Flow UI for add-ons
Excel export improvement
Root Liquibase changelog contents

March 21, 16:00 (UTC+0)
Webinar length 60 minutes

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What's new in Jmix 1.5.
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