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July 25, 13:00 (UTC+0)
How can partners make money using
Jmix services?
Learn how to grow software development business with Jmix services improving efficiency and getting extra income.
Polina Chesnokova
Head of the Jmix Services, Haulmont

We can confidently say Jmix can be beneficial to you not only as a development tool. This is confirmed by the successful stories of using Jmix services of our customers like developers, corporations, digital agencies.

We want to introduce you to our services that enable learning Jmix, training others, promptly resolving issues during development, and validating your Jmix knowledge through developer certification. Jmix is not just a development platform but also provides accompanying services to enhance the productivity of development teams and facilitate the rapid creation of business applications.

Our meeting will be especially interesting for partners and сustomers who want to maximize development efficiency, consider scaling their teams, or look for ways to monetize their knowledge further.

Join us to learn
Jmix services and their advantages
Customer Stories
Jmix Services vs Traditional Outsourcing
Use cases of Jmix services for monetizing your expertise
July 25, 13:00 (UTC+0)
Webinar Length 60 minutes

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How can partners make money using Jmix services?
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